About Us



Béo Handcrafted (bay-o) was created by Mike and Marykate Smith. In September of 2016, Marykate fell and injured her ankle. At first the doctors assumed that it would heal like any other ankle injury. But as time went on the injury didn't heal. Over time the doctors did more and more tests until they came to the conclusion that Marykate had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome "CRPS". CRPS is a debilitating injury where the nerves are damaged and send pain signals to the brain even though there is not pain. 

Unfortunately this sidelined Marykate and made her house bound during the day while Mike was at work and while the kids were at school. Mike could see that sitting around the house everyday was making Marykate go stir crazy. So he came up with the idea to create a company that Marykate could manage from home that would give her a sense of purpose. Marykate had always been a fan of candles, waxes and all things scents, so Mike decided to try to make a candle/scent company. After months and months of research and trial and error, Mike came up with what we at Béo feel is a high quality product.

One of the things that separates Béo Handcrafted from other candle and scent companies is that we use bees wax in our wax melts. Most companies use either straight paraffin or soy, but we at Béo like the thought of using natural elements in our wax. Although we are not fans of using paraffin in our waxes, we do use a little to harden the finished product.

Béo Handcrafted is our passion and we want to share it with our customers. We think that you will love our products. Give us a try, you will smell the difference!